Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bill Smith on Movement Leaders

Jeff Sundell interviews Bill Smith about movement leaders. Bill shares some great insights on what to look for in a movement leader, a very clear warning for leaders, and a story from Wuhan that doesn't involve COVID-19.

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Show Notes:
I took some sporadic notes on what Bill was saying below. You'll be better to listen to it yourself, but if you want quick snapshot, here is what Bill looks for in movement leaders:
    • They are genuinely saved.
    • They have a sense of the lostness of others and God's heart for lostness. They grieve over lostness at some level, even just their own family or village. 
    • They are people that are continually learning. 
    • They are doers: people that are doing something and want to accomplish something in their life.
    • They have suffered to get something. They have been tested and are passing the test.
    • It is someone that you can connect with, spiritually, interpersonally, etc. There is a chemistry with their mentor. Sometimes you can pass people off to others that they will have a better connection with.
    • They are people that say: "I've done what God had asked. What's next?"

    Here are some thoughts from Bill on developing leaders:
    • When you're face to face with someone, be all in on that person for that time. Ask God: What does that person need from me for their next step?
    • Depend on God to bring others into their lives for those next steps.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

It's time to check on our neighbors

Right now is the time to check on our neighbors. We need to engage our communities with the care and love of Jesus. Ready to get started?

Find a partner, Go to a neighbor, and Use this script.
Opening Line:Hi, We’re out in the midst of (or at the end of) this crisis caring for our neighbors.” 

Three Questions to ask:
  • How are you doing?
  • Do you need anything?
  • Is there anything we can pray about for you or your family?
For more of this guide... visit:

If you want some in person training, we've got space for 10 people to get socially distanced trained on May 31 in Pekin at 10am.  Get in touch with me for more details.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

One Year On the Road... Plus...

It's been one year since I've launched the podcast On the Road to #No Place Left. A huge thanks to everyone who has listened, (nearly 10,000 downloads!) and even bigger praise for those of you who have grabbed an insight or tool or challenge and done something with it.

I'm here to serve you, the person out there sharing the Gospel, making disciples and reproducing leaders and churches, so thanks for letting me do that!  What follows is a conversation with two new podcasters in the movement and no place left world. You'll hear a little more background about On the Road, but also find out about two awesome new podcasts that are great resources.

Show Notes:
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Celebrating One Year on the Road