Friday, January 17, 2020

Thursday Three Thirds Discipleship

Three Thirds Discipleship

When: Thursday at 345
Where: Morton Public Library
What: Practice a simple discipleship pattern to help you disciple others to grow more like Jesus.

If you're interested in joining, contact me to let me know.

If this time, focus or location isn't a good fit for you check out more trainings here.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Monday Morning 3/3rds Discipleship + Harvest Time

Three Thirds Discipleship

When: Mondays 830-10am
Where: Panera on West Lake
What: Practice a simple discipleship pattern to help you disciple others to grow more like Jesus.

Harvest Time

When: Mondays 10-1130am
Where: Lexington Hills
What: Learn to engage people, share the Gospel, and what to do next.

At any point if you're interested in joining us for either of these ongoing trainings, contact me to let me know.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

#NPL Chicagoland MId-Level - March 18

The mid-level training is for 4 Fields practitioners who are regularly involved in the work and committed to a #NoPlaceLeft vision.

March 18, 9am-3pm, Dickson Valley Camp (1 hour outside of Chicago)
Lodging is available on March 17th or 18th if needed.

Click Here to Register

Who? This is for you if you are already attempting 4 Fields/#NPL work (at some level, no need to be an expert). It is not an on ramp for the curious. Geographically we're focusing on Illinois and the midwest, but anyone is welcome.

What?: The Midlevel Leader Retreat focuses on problem-solving in community. The primary goals are to:

  • Celebrate what God is doing (share stories) 
  • Identify barriers & breakthroughs 
  • Train and release problem solving tools (Iron on Irons and Gen maps)  
  • Clarify local vision 
  • Form action items toward the vision that address barriers

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Gospel Conversation Training - Quad Cities IA/IL

Saturday, January 18, 9am-1pm | New Hope Baptist Church in Coal Valley Illinois

Join us for a training on how to start spiritual conversations, share the Gospel, and nurture spiritual interest. We'll put what we learn into practice that day. Topics covered:

  • 3 Questions to get to the Gospel 
  • 3 Circles Gospel Tool 
  • 4 Responses to the Gospel  
  • Next steps for you and those you are reaching with the Gospel. 
Snacks and light lunch will be provided.  Click here for more information or to register.