Saturday, July 13, 2019

Day 18 Report: Small Towns

Tracking Day 18
Teammates: 2
Places: South Pekin, Pekin
Engaged: 10
Prayed For: 3
Gospel Shares: 2
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up:
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 3
Scheduled Training:

This morning a friend and missionary to another country joined me in small town America. We were praying for the town, meeting people, and asking God: What would it look like for a movement of disciples who make disciples in a small town? (He has a burden for small towns in his country, and while there are difference, there are many similarities too.)

We shared the Gospel once and met five people. We started with the police department, which while intimidating, was a great way to get an "okay" for two strange guys to walk around town asking people how we can pray for them.

We cannot fund enough pastors to reach every small town in America, but we can look for spiritually interested people in each town. If you want to chat more about reaching small towns by looking for a person of peace, let me know!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Day 17 Report

Tracking Day 17*
Teammates: 9
Places: Pekin, Tremont, Peoria
Engaged: 24
Prayed For: 10
Gospel Shares: 5
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 1
Green Light (New Believer): 1
Christian: 4
Scheduled Training: 3

*Note: Day 17 was a combination of 3 harvest times on 3 different days.

The first harvest time we had two people join us who had never attempted to share the Gospel with a stranger before. It was a great faith builder. I took a team to one park and had 8 conversations with zero results. But the other team had one conversation that lead to a person responding to the Gospel!

The second time illustrated the value of modeling. I was at a local thrift store (I had already trained volunteers in starting spiritual conversations). It was fun and very helpful to show what it looked like to start a spiritual conversation.

The last time was two follow up meetings, both of which were encouraging. I don't know if it was an anomaly, but it was really intriguing that both were probably believers that need discipled to follow Jesus closer. They were both interested in more time together, learning to follow Jesus.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Day 16 Report: Recon Day

Tracking Day 16
Teammates: 1
Places: Galesburg, Peoria
Engaged: 10
Prayed For: 3
Gospel Shares: 5
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 1
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 3
Scheduled Training: 1

Today was a reconnaissance day. My teammate (also my mom!) explored Galesburg for good place to meet people and engage in conversation. Our hope is to find a few places we can bring others from her church. To that end we think we found a couple of places that we're going to check out further.

In the afternoon I reconnected with the original group I started a Discovery Bible Study with in 2017-2018. Then I followed up with a Green Light from Harvest Day 11 and schedule a follow up Bible study with him. One thing that stood out to me is how much we are loners in America. I already know this, but it's another thing to experience it. I asked this man if he would have anyone else he would want to invite to this Bible study, and he said: "Ha, no." Many people have hardly any pre-existing relationships that the Gospel can spread through.

Fasting for Movement with Jeff and Angie Sundell

Can you imagine one million people fasting for #NoPlaceLeft? Maybe it's time to start. Jeff and Angie Sundell cast vision for three specific fasts when pursuing movement.

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