Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Trainings List

Practical trainings to equip believers to bring the Gospel to the lost until there is #NoPlaceLeft. Contact me if you're interested.

Quick Trainings (1-1.5 hours each) 

  • 3 Circles: Equip anyone to share the Gospel, including 3 questions to move any conversation to the Gospel and 3 responses you could get and what to do next 
  • 411: Answers 4 questions on 1 piece of paper in 1 hour: Why do we make disciples? Who do we reach? What do we say? When will we do it? 
Gospel Conversation Training (Event Training: 4-6 Hours)

  • Includes the 3 Circles and 411 
  • Plus vision casting, follow up tools, and time in the harvest 
  • Note: Best case scenario is scheduling 3 of these within a year and pairing them with a weekly rollout below. 
Weekly Rollout - The best way to change the DNA of a church or group is to make it a regular part of the culture: ie. “This is what it means to follow Jesus.”

  • Disciple-Making Practicum | 2 hours a week/ about 6 months | 10 Tools to follow Jesus, share the Gospel, and disciple others to do the same. 
  • Church-Planting Residency | 7 hours a week/ 2-3 years | Equip and mobilize catalytic leaders to make disciples who make disciples and start churches who start churches to the 4th generation and beyond and train others to do the same locally and/or globally (Please note the link template document, not a specific plan) 
  • Training Church | 4 hours a week/1-2years | For families/couples/singles that are able to step back from their weekly church commitments and meet twice each week: once for training, once for harvest time. 
Local Short Term “Missions” Trip

  • Include a Gospel Conversation Training as part of a local outreach. 
  • We can train for a trip you’re already doing or help you find a neighborhood to serve in your area. 
Need less of a commitment? Want to go deeper? 
These are just some tracks to run on. Contact me if you’re interested but want something to be lighter or deeper.

Find the Google Doc with same content here.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Four Fields Intensive Training: September 27-29

If you're interested in pushing back lostness in your area, this is the training event for you.

Click here for more details.

This is a 3 day event focusing on entry strategies, evangelism tools, multiplying disciples, forming healthy churches, and developing leaders for a Church Planting Movement.

I'll be there and I hope you can be too!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The next season for Pheaney, the Lindells, and Camp of Champions USA

Wow. This is a weird message to be writing.

After 19 summers at Camp of Champions USA (15 as a full-time employee), I'm going to be moving on at the end of this summer. There's no way to sum up how much Camp has meant to me and my family over that time in a short message. Maybe the best way to say it is this: If there's any fruit to come from the next phase of my life and ministry, it will have its roots at COCUSA.

I'm be a Church Planting Multiplier. What will I be doing? Think of an overseas missionary hoping to reach unreached peoples in a specific province. That's what I'll be doing in Illinois, starting with the downstate area. Outside of greater Chicago there are 3 million people in Illinois. Even if we have take a encouraging view of the spiritual state of that group, at least 2 million are living without Jesus.

I'll be looking to serve and develop teams of workers throughout the state that want to see their area saturated with the Gospel. Together with those teams we'll seek out "the gaps" where there are significant groups that do not have a Gospel witness. (Such as the 20,000 Muslims that live in Peoria.)

Click here for an update letter with more details.

Even more than usual I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family, as well as Camp of Champions USA during this time.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Gospel Conversation Training August 22

This Wednesday you can learn how to share the Gospel, start a conversation that leads to the Gospel and then practice everything you learn right away in real life.

Gospel Conversation Training: Wednesday August 22nd, 6-8pm at Pekin Bible Church.

We did this same training about a week ago. Here's what God did:

  • 20 believers were trained.
  • We went out and met people and had 23 conversations.
  • We were able to pray for 9 people in those conversations.
  • We shared the Gospel 5 times.
  • There were 5 opportunities for follow up. 

Gospel Sharing Story
One of the people we met while we practiced for the training had an extreme amount of brokenness in his life: lost job, on parole, co-dependent, possibly using drugs...

God had planned that my friend and I walked up to him the same time he was having suicidal thoughts.  We were able to pray for him, share the Gospel with him, and then get him some help to get him back to where he needed to be. I don't know what would have happened to him if we hadn't shown up, but I do know that God had us there in that moment to tell him God loved him and that he needed to turn his life over to Jesus.

If you're interested in training like this but can't make it on such a short notice, let me know and we'll schedule something else.

If you know of someone that might be interested in a training like this, please forward or share this post with them.