Partner Like Paul

Note: This was my first book, and the experience of writing it was probably the best part.  If you're looking for additional help on fundraising, I highly recommend "The God Ask" by Steve Shadrach

Partner Like Paul: A Guide to Fundraising Biblically and Practically

Ever had to raise money for something and didn't know where to begin?  Or have you been forced to participate in a fundraiser that seemed awkward at best and shady at worst?  Partner Like Paul is a short book about raising money both practically and Biblically.  This book is for you whether you're going on your first missions trip, raising your salary as missionary support or you've been fundraising with a non-profit for years.

  • This is formatted to download and print two-sided on 8.5x11 paper.   
  • If you want to save paper and ink, check out the Contents and just print what pertain to you.

Other Editions:
  • Screen Edition - This is still a PDF for download, but formatted to fit computer screens.  This is the best version to share with others.
  • Trello Board - I reference this Trello in the book.  Here's your shortcut to start interacting with the ideas.


  1. I can't find the book! I would LOVE to see this resource, but the links take me to an error page. :(

  2. Hi Cindy, sorry about that! The links had expired. They are updated now!