Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Why September 10th is a great day to support the Lindells

Would you consider a financial gift to my ministry? Any gifts that are given on Thursday, September 10th, will be matched by about 20%. You can give through this link: https://purecharity.com/fundraisers/62982/fund

Thanks for considering. Here's a short story of what God is doing through your support:

During shelter-in-place, I led several online training groups. One of them was a Discovery Bible Study training, where those involved participated in a DBS with the goal of starting a Discovery Bible Study with their own friends and family. (Note: A Discovery Bible Study, or DBS for short, is a simple Bible study format that encourages the application of Scripture.)  Cameron was in that training, and just a few weeks into our time had started a Zoom DBS with several friends he connected with on Facebook. Since then, they've started to meet in person as restrictions have lessened. (After they studied baptism one of their group members got baptized in their home church later that week!) Cameron joined me for at a training recently where we used a simple tool called the Church Circle to consider how his group can be more like the gatherings we see in Scripture.  (See Picture). Cameron left with a plan to challenge the group to be more committed to making disciples. 

God's continuing to work. He's working not just despite COVID but through it.  

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