Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Prepping for post-COVID ministry now

This post is part of an ongoing conversation I'm having with Doug Rumbold regarding post-COVID church. You can find my original post here and his response here.

I think my biggest push-back on the content driven approach most churches used to respond to COVID is the simple thought that the "medium is the message." You cannot talk at people through a screen about the importance of being the church and living as a disciple and expect them to get it.

If we didn't model and train people to be the church and live as a disciple pre-COVID, there is very little possibility they could pick it up through watching our videos during quarantine.

However, I'd rather look forward than look back. So my question is, what do we do now? 

Different areas of the country and even our own state are opening up at different rates. But even so, it looks like we still have a slog until church returns to the 2019 version of gathering we have grown accustomed to.

My question is: What do we do now?  How do we avoid selfishness in quarantine or near-quarantine circumstances? How do we place "love God, love others" on repeat?  

I'll offer a couple of ideas, but look forward to hearing more:
  • Open up the word. How many hours of good, solid, Biblical teaching and preaching have been published to the web since COVID started?  We're so thankful for that resource. But if you personally are not opening God's word to learn from it, you've missed something. If you have a family and you are not opening up the Bible and learning from it together, you've missed something. Open up the Bible and learn from it. Doing so does not exclude getting great Biblical content from your pastor online.
  • Start checking on people. We need to care for the people God has put in our life. Yes, that starts with the church, but it shouldn't stop there. Ask people how they are doing. Find out if there is any way you can help them. Offer to pray for people. Start now being the person you want to be after-COVID.
What do you think? What should we do now to get ready for post-COVID ministry?

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