Sunday, March 29, 2020

Keep the Care Coming

I literally just got two phone calls from two different organizations in a two minute timespan (no joke) both asking how I was doing in the COVID season and offering to pray for me.  And I know that's a small snapshot of the proactive care that is going on everywhere.

I'm super-glad that this chaos we're all feeling has moved us to reach out and connect.

The challenge: Let's not stop when life returns to normal. Is there any reason we shouldn't keep calling and checking on people? Shouldn't we offer to pray for people regardless of the circumstances?

Here's hoping.


  1. We were talking the other day in my small group about this very topic. I was able to reach out to a former coworker and check up on her. I offered to pray for her after we talked and she gladly said yes. She is not a Christian. I'm praying that we will have more conversations, particularly gospel conversations, in the future. Thanks for the podcast.

  2. Thanks for listening!

    Yes, prayer is one of the best pathways to the Gospel! And you can care through prayer regardless.