Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A before/after COVID ministry update - March 2020

Right now most of our lives have a “before COVID-19/after COVID-19 “feel. The pictures and stories in this update are no different.

Whenever I can I try to pass off training to those I’ve trained. This is Tanner, who is helping me train about 40 people at a Bloomington/Normal Gospel Conversation Training.

And this is Clark at the same training, a pastor who was one of the first people to train me to share the Gospel.

I finished training a men’s group to share their testimony. Adrian (12) took over and taught someone how to share the Gospel using the Three Circles Gospel tool.

We (myself and two youth pastors) have been engaging local students with the Gospel before school starts.

We are using online technology to keep training. I am facilitating an “Iron on Iron”, which is a tool to sharpen leaders.

Here my supervisor Tom is wrapping up a call with a simple tool reminding us of our identity in Christ.

Despite the changing world we find ourselves in, the #NoPlaceLeft vision remains the same: Give everyone in Illinois the chance to hear the Gospel in a conversation.

The Brutal Facts are that right now, in Illinois, there are ten million people that are far from God and without a relationship with Jesus.

What’s it going to take to reach them with the Gospel?

In Acts 19:8-10 we read of an amazing work of God when a whole province heard the word of the Lord. God used multiplying disciples that carried the Gospel and started churches everywhere they went.

It will take the same thing today. This COVID-19 season has given us the opportunity to train widely online. Will you join me in sharing the Gospel and making disciples until there is #NoPlaceLeft? 

Contact me if you would like training. I have several online groups you can join or we can schedule a time that fits your needs.

Prayer must surround everything we do. In fact, it’s one of the first pieces we train on. Would you be willing to pray for me, my family, and ministry opportunities? Please let me know if I can send you my weekly email prayer updates. 

We’re looking to raise our final 5% of support for 2020. Could you help with that?
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