Wednesday, January 15, 2020

#NPL Chicagoland MId-Level - March 18

The mid-level training is for 4 Fields practitioners who are regularly involved in the work and committed to a #NoPlaceLeft vision.

March 18, 9am-3pm, Dickson Valley Camp (1 hour outside of Chicago)
Lodging is available on March 17th or 18th if needed.

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Who? This is for you if you are already attempting 4 Fields/#NPL work (at some level, no need to be an expert). It is not an on ramp for the curious. Geographically we're focusing on Illinois and the midwest, but anyone is welcome.

What?: The Midlevel Leader Retreat focuses on problem-solving in community. The primary goals are to:

  • Celebrate what God is doing (share stories) 
  • Identify barriers & breakthroughs 
  • Train and release problem solving tools (Iron on Irons and Gen maps)  
  • Clarify local vision 
  • Form action items toward the vision that address barriers

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