Monday, August 19, 2019

Harvest Day 30: Gospel Conversation Training

Tracking Day 30
Teammates: 10
Places: Robinson
Engaged: 37
Prayed For: 25
Gospel Shares: 10
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 2
Green Light (New Believer): 1
Christian: 9
Training/Discipleship: 3

Today we spent a bulk of the day training but then also sent out about a dozen of us into the Harvest. It was a great day and a reminder of how awesome a Gospel Conversation training format can be.

I learned a great idea from a few people that had done a similar training in California: Don't bring paper with you. Ask the person you're sharing with if they have paper or pen that you could use.  I haven't been able to put this into practice yet but I'm excited to try it soon.

We did have one person respond to the Gospel, and the local workers will be following up to affirm that decision and disciple her.

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