Friday, August 9, 2019

Harvest Day 28: East Moline

Tracking Day 28
Teammates: 1
Places: East Moline
Engaged: 14
Prayed For: 8
Gospel Shares: 4
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 2
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 4

I traveled a short bit to the Quad Cities in Illinois/Iowa today. It was a great time with a church planter... who is starting with sowing the Gospel in his planting city before planning for buildings or services.

The first people we ran into were a potential house of peace. He'll be visiting next week with a follow-up Bible study.

One moment was me modeling a simple tweak to a Gospel share, and then him using it himself the next Gospel share.  I'll be headed back in a few weeks!

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