Thursday, August 8, 2019

Harvest Day 26 & 27: Coming alongside a local church

Tracking Day 26 & 27
Teammates: 3 both days
Places: Galesburg (mostly)
Engaged: 18
Prayed For: 9
Gospel Shares: 8
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 6
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 6
Training/Discipleship: 4

The bulk of these two days was serving alongside a local church in their "mission week". They spent four days this week doing service projects around their community.  The last two days myself and three teammates got to follow up with many people they served: offering prayer and sharing the Gospel.  We also visited a local rescue mission where we had several conversations as well.

It was a huge blessing to see someone I had been training assist me in training and model several Gospel shares for another teammate... all without my help. (Full disclosure- She was my mom. Apparently I come from good stock.)

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