Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Day 28 Follow Up Story: Keep Praying

On Harvest Day 28 I was with a church-planter in East Moline. You can read about that day here. We were able to set up a follow-up Discovery Bible Study that day for a week later. He sent me this update:  (Note: "Jesus" is the Spanish pronounced "hey-seuss" :)

God is faithful.
I went back to see Jesus and family last Friday morning. I got there just before 10:30 and for the first 25 minutes it was fairly chaotic. Mom and family were in and out. So I sat on the couch and talked to Patrice, the other sister. I held Jesus' other child, a baby, for that 25 minutes. Patrice shared her story. The father of her 2 month old got out of her life after the baby was born. She has some knowledge, but not Christ.
Eventually Jesus came back in with his girlfriend (and mother of the two kids) and mom went off to work. For the next 35 minutes we talked. I shared the story of hope - The Pharisee and Tax Collector, went through the 3 circles again (they still did not answer the way back to God's design correctly), and then also shared some other scriptures of grace with them. Jesus is honest and asks great questions. Patrice was also listening strongly. Jenna, Jesus' girlfriend, seemed a bit skeptic, but was polite.
I am going back again this Friday and Jesus wants his mom to be able to get in on the conversation. He is going to wake her up earlier. 
Keep praying.

Join me in praying for Jon as he reconnects with this family.

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