Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 24 Report: Eyes to See

Tracking Day 24*
Teammates: 6
Places: Pekin, East Peoria
Engaged: 22
Prayed For: 7
Gospel Shares: 6
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 3
Green Light (New Believer):

*Note: This was a combination of two half-days in the harvest.

God's just been giving me eyes to see where the lost and downtrodden are located. We often think of homeless shelters or food pantries, but I feel like I better see places and people that are far from God and need his hope. (By way of example, in my days at summer camp I could walk into a room and instantly know what was going on, where the issue was, or what needed addressed... I feel like God has used these days in the harvest to develop similar skills.)

The highlight of this "day" was an afternoon I took about 6 people from a youth group I had trained out to share the Gospel. I had a friend join me. Just a month ago, a different youth group knocked on his door and shared the Gospel with him. Praise God for raising up laborers.

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