Thursday, July 18, 2019

Day 20: Simple Conversations

Tracking Day 20
Places: Pekin, Peoria
Engaged: 10
Prayed For: 3
Gospel Shares: 5
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 2
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 2
Scheduled Training or Discipleship: 1

What impressed me about today is that people are willing to have spiritual conversations, willing to hear the Gospel, willing to consider what the Bible means for them....

But often our programs and structures don't allow those to happen. I understand the tension after running a day-camp program for years, but the challenge in front of the church is: Will you share the Gospel with people and be willing to answer their questions? Or will you put on another program, that while potentially helpful, doesn't move people towards faith in Jesus?

Case in point: A lady at a homeless shelter responded to my simple offer of prayer. It led to a 15-20 minute conversation, that included the Gospel and a simple story to illustrate Jesus' love for everyone. She had plenty of Christian background, so nothing was brand new to her. But at the same time, no one had heard her express that she can't read the Bible because she doesn't have one at her reading level. So I set her up with a Bible app on her phone and pointed it to an easy to read version. She even claimed she was going to start reading.  Maybe she will and maybe she won't, but the chance of her reading the Bible on her own is much higher after that short conversation.

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