Friday, July 5, 2019

Day 14 Report: Brokenness

Tracking Day 14 
Places: Pekin, Peoria
Engaged: 10
Prayed For: 4
Gospel Shares: 5
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up:  1
Green Light (New Believer):
Christian: 2
Scheduled Training: 2

Sadly the weather kept me form training a small group of students and sharing the Gospel during the evening of this day. We're hoping to reschedule.

I'm just continuing to see how much broken people are open to spiritual conversations, engage with you about the Gospel, and want to hear more.  BUT at the same time, that brokenness often keeps them from actually reconnecting with you.

I had a follow up Bible Study with someone we met on Day 12.  It was awesome. He's very interested in learning how to follow Jesus, so on Sunday we're going to start the Commands of Christ.

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