Monday, June 24, 2019

Day 9 Report: 40 Days in the Harvest

Tracking Day 9
Teammates: 0 (My main to-do tomorrow is track down more teammates!)
Places: Green Valley, Pekin
Engaged: 19
Prayed For: 5
Gospel Shares: 6
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 2
Green Light (New Believer): 0
Christian: 7
Scheduled Training: 6

I started my day in Green Valley. We were hoping to do some training over a Bible study and then head out to pray for the town, but rain kept us from heading out. I was able to train on 3 Questions, 3 Circles and a weekly prayer calendar. I left them with the challenge to pray every weekday for a specific person or family in their life. Next week their challenge is to ask those people how they can pray for them. I'll be checking back in 4 weeks to see how it goes. (Six of the Christians I met in the stats above were this Bible Study.)

The best part of the day was a follow-up Bible study with a guy from the apartments on Day 6. I still see an opportunity there and am praying one of the relationships I've built will be a person of peace with a desire to reach the apartment complex.

This probably started a few harvest days ago, but I'm starting to realize the immensity of the task, even in an area as "small" as 370,000 people. What's It Gonna Take to reach them all for Jesus? Being in the harvest forces you to ask and answer tough questions. You start notice people and patterns. What would it look like to have a disciple-maker in every society segment and neighborhood in the area?

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