Friday, June 21, 2019

Day 8 Report: 40 Days in the Harvest

Tracking Day 8
Teammates: 2
Places: Peoria, Pekin
Engaged: 17
Prayed For: 7
Gospel Shares: 4
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 9
Green Light (New Believer): 0
Christian: 0 (maybe 1)
Scheduled Training: 0

God's been granting some great fruit in people being interested in follow up meetings.

Two quick stories:
My teammate and I were on the south end (inner city) of Peoria, following up with a couple of previous yellow lights from Day 3. We passed by an older couple cleaning up their yard. Instead of starting with an offer of prayer we just said: "We've got about 10 minutes, is there anything we can help you move?" After we moved a broken up couch and mattress we offered to pray. The lady was weeping and gave me a huge hug afterwards. They turned back to their work right away, but when we asked if we could visit again, they said yes. We'll be looking to return and share the Gospel soon.
Later that day in Pekin I was able to share the Gospel with someone at a homeless shelter. It was evident he hadn't really heard about Jesus before. I wasn't able to stay long, but I said, "Would you want to meet again to hear more about Jesus?" I'm excited to return and share the Gospel again.

I'm praying for a "Green Light," but also know that those will come with faithful sowing and follow-up

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