Thursday, June 13, 2019

Day 5 Report: 40 Days in the Harvest

The lack of understanding of the Good News of Jesus was very evident today. It is crazy how confused the simple message of the Gospel has become, and even more so because it's wrapped up in cultural Christian concepts. (We had a great/crazy conversation involving Joel Osteen that I'll save for telling in person.)

The sad part about it is that the Gospel is not changing lives because it has been confused and therefore not accepted.  Another sad thing that was evident was religion has burned people. (Again... Christian religion apart from a relationship with Jesus.)

I had a great teammate with me: Jacob Stafford of One Way Ministries. One bonus is he remembered to take a picture as we were debriefing the day! We're going to visit LaSalle again soon to follow up the Yellow Lights we encountered.

Tracking Day 5
Teammates: 1
Places: LaSalle
Engaged: 22
Prayed For: 6
Gospel Shares: 7
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 3
Green Light (New Believer): 0
Christian: 1
Scheduled Training:

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