Thursday, June 6, 2019

Day 2 Report: 40 Days in the Harvest

I started this day with 4 Discovery Bible Studies on the calendar. One of them was a growing believer and the rest were spiritually interested.  The second two no-showed but the first two went great.
I had at least 6 prayer partners specifically praying for the day, and it was evident in those Bible studies. Both of them surprised me by wanting to read more scripture! The first (not currently following Jesus) said: "Do you want to read another chapter?"  And the second (a growing believer) said "Do you want to read it again?"

Two other thoughts:
1) It's way easier with a teammate. I didn't have one in the afternoon and it makes it much more difficult! (Jesus knew what he was doing when he sent out his disciples 2x2.)
2) It does not take very long to get into some messy stuff. I won't share the specifics on the internet, but seeing brokenness face to face is pretty heavy. (This reminds me of my podcast episode with Dale Losch, statistics aren't as powerful as hearing personal stories.)

Reply or contact me to join in a future harvest day! See the schedule here.

Tracking Day 2
Teammates: 1
Places: Inner City Peoria, Pekin
Engaged: 10 (one of them being a scheduled follow up Discovery Bible Study)
Prayed For: 5
Gospel Shares: 5
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 2
Green Light (New Believer): 0
Christian: 3
Scheduled Training: 0

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