Monday, June 3, 2019

Day 1 Report: 40 Days in the Harvest

In the morning, the most spiritually receptive person was weeding outside a church building. We were interrupted before we could fully understand her personal beliefs, but it was really intriguing that she was more open to talking than anyone else. 

Coming out of this day we have 4 opportunities for follow up. Three of the four were pre-existing relationships. People are interested in meeting, even specifically for a Bible study or for training to share their faith (Both of those happened today)!  The believer I met was a long-time acquaintance. After I prayed I asked a simple: Would you be interested in training to better share your faith? After it was a Yes I simply said "When? and Where?".

I'm still pondering how to respond to people that claim they are close to God but do not seem to have a personal and real relationship with Jesus. I'm learning to continue to press towards Gospel clarity, both in explaining it to someone, but also in their response to it.

Reply or contact me to join in a future harvest day! See the schedule here.

Tracking Day 1
Teammates: 1
Places: All Around Pekin
Engaged: 14
Prayed For: 6
Gospel Shares: 3
Yellow Light - Scheduled Follow Up: 3
Green Light (New Believer): 0
Christian: 3
Scheduled Training: 1

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