Tuesday, May 7, 2019

On the Road to #NPL Podcast - Season 1

What does No Place Left mean?
Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city?
Can I?

If you can't see the player above, listen here.

If you've asked any of these questions then On the Road to No Place Left is a podcast for you. I'll be driving around and sharing about how you can pursue No Place Left wherever God has you. In short episodes, we'll interview guests that are pursuing movement in their cities, share skills and tools you can put into practice, and always include awesome stories of God at work.

You can subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts. The first episode will drop Thursday May 16.

Here's a rundown of Season 1: A Four Fields Framework
  • What’s #NoPlaceLeft? with Steve Addison, Move Network
  • Brutal Facts about the Lost with Dale Losch, President of Crossworld 
  • Four Fields Overview with Tom Hall, e3 Partners
  • Who is your Oikos? with Joleene Burts
  • From Hello to the Gospel in Three Questions
  • Sharing your story in 15 Seconds
  • The Three Circles Gospel Tool with Kenton Killebrew, Global Gates
  • Abiding in the Word, Prayer, and Fasting 
  • Three Thirds Discipleship
  • The 411 with Ginger Mayer, e3 Partners
  • The Healthy Church Circle
  • MAWLing Leaders with Mike Puckett, e3 Partners
  • Iron on Iron Leadership Sharpening Tool
  • Season Wrap Up: Big Vision, Clear Path, Simple Steps
I'm still solidifying more episodes and guests, but this is a general idea of where we're headed.

I hope you can jump in as we pursue sharing the gospel, making disciples, and reproducing leaders and churches until there is No Place Left where the name of Jesus hasn’t been heard.

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