Friday, May 24, 2019

40 Days in the Harvest

This summer I am going to be doing something called “40 Days in the Harvest”

This means I will be setting aside 40 days, scattered throughout the summer, to spend out in the harvest field: engaging the lost, sharing the Gospel, and discipling the fruit.

Why am I doing this?

  • To see where God is already at work in the hearts of people.
  • To demonstrate that people far from God are still interested in spiritual conversations. 
  • To provide a way to invite believers into the work (See below).
  • To begin building missionary teams focused on reaching the unchurched all around us.
We see very clearly in Luke 10 (and elsewhere in the New Testament), that it’s best to go into the harvest field with a partner or team. I’m currently seeking teammates for these 40 days.

  • When? Forty days scattered throughout the summer. Check out my schedule here. I’ll divide the day into time slots, with 3 hours being a preferred minimum. (You’re welcome to come the whole day and multiple days.) There’s also only 1 weekend day, but if this idea appeals to you and weekdays are not good I’d love to work with you and set up a Saturday or Sunday 
  • Where? I’d love to come to you and partner with you where you have a vision and burden, but you’re also welcome to join me wherever I'm going for that day. 
  • What? You don’t need to be an evangelism expert (or even an extrovert!) to come along. Just be willing to pray and walk with me. We’ll cover some tools and skills as we go, and I’ll only ask you to join in if you’re comfortable doing so.
If you're interested in joining or just have more questions, contact me and let me know! 

I hope to post a run-down of each harvest day after it happens. You can subscribe to this blog here to get those updates.

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