Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Three Circles Training (with harvest time!) - November 21

The 3 Circles is a simple Gospel presentation method. You can find it here:

There are 3 Questions you can use to guide a conversation to the 3 Circles, I've blogged about those questions before:

After you share the Gospel there are 3 Responses you might get, you can find those responses, as well as what you should do with each of them here:

You can find all of this content and teach yourself, but I'm gonna guess you'll get more out of it if you train someone else. Watch the videos, practice a few times, and then meet with a friend to train them.

If you need the training, join us Wednesday Nov 21 at 10am. After we learn these skills we'll take a short walk and put them into practice at a community Thanksgiving lunch. I can't wait to see what God does.

  • Email me if you are interested and I'll get you more details.
  • If this isn't for you, but you thought of someone who would be interested, could you please send this along to them? Thanks.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Disciple-Making Practicum

I'm starting a couple disciple-making practicums* soon, and I'd love for you (yes, you!) to be a part of them. You can read the full details here, but in short, you'll learn ten skills to help you share the Gospel and make disciples AND (stay with me here) you'll actually get to put those skills into practice.

The two practicums I'm starting will both be located in Pekin and meet:

  • Mondays, 430-6pm
  • Thursdays, 345-515pm
If you are interested in either one, let me know!  If you're interested but those times and locations don't work, let me know that too and we can try to schedule something else.

*What does the word practicum even mean?  A practicum is a course of study that involves the practical application of previously studied theory.  Or in layman's terms: A practicum is where you practice what you study.

Jesus tells us to teach new disciples to obey the commands he had given them. We are not to just teach about the commands but actually teach people to obey. Obeying takes practice. That's what we're talking about. I hope you'll consider joining.

Monday, November 5, 2018

What is Swarm Training?

Swarm Training is when a group of trainers leads a training like a swarm of bees, buzzing in and out, taking turns and training different sections. The reason swarm training is so valuable is it raises up more trainers by giving them hands on experience, sometimes before they are ready, but always with help as they need it. 

Or said in another way: If I'm the only one that can train on a certain tool or skill, the spread of the training is limited to my calendar. But if I can swarm train others to train the same tools, that training has a chance to spread beyond myself and multiply. (For a 3 minute video explanation of swarm training, check out this link.)

Raising up swarm trainers helps them grow in their confidence to share the Gospel. At one training I had a college student help me train the 3 Circles. He sent me this text later that day: "Just got home and had a chance to tell my somewhat nominal Christian neighbor about the training, and explained the 3 circles. Hopefully it leads to some follow-up opportunities. It's an awesome mission! God is clearly rewarding your efforts!"