Thursday, October 25, 2018

Three Circles Training - November 11

Three Circles Training
Sunday November 11, 1030-1130 at Grace Church in Morton

Learn how to share the Gospel, how to move any conversation toward the Gospel, and three ways people could respond (and what you should do with each of them.)

Why do you need this training?
Yesterday I was out at ISU with some friends. I felt led to stop and chat with a student who was sitting outside the post office. I shared the Gospel with him and left him the opportunity to follow up with me if he wanted to do a Bible Study or meet for discipleship.

If I saw him again I could call him by name, ask about his mom's health and find out if he had connected with a church yet. If found all that out in 10 minutes.

I used to think it would take 10 years to get that deep with someone. I was wrong. I needed some training. Now that I've had it I'd love to train you.

If you're interested but can't make this day and time, let me know and we'll get something scheduled!

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