Thursday, September 6, 2018

The next season for Pheaney, the Lindells, and Camp of Champions USA

Wow. This is a weird message to be writing.

After 19 summers at Camp of Champions USA (15 as a full-time employee), I'm going to be moving on at the end of this summer. There's no way to sum up how much Camp has meant to me and my family over that time in a short message. Maybe the best way to say it is this: If there's any fruit to come from the next phase of my life and ministry, it will have its roots at COCUSA.

I'm be a Church Planting Multiplier. What will I be doing? Think of an overseas missionary hoping to reach unreached peoples in a specific province. That's what I'll be doing in Illinois, starting with the downstate area. Outside of greater Chicago there are 3 million people in Illinois. Even if we have take a encouraging view of the spiritual state of that group, at least 2 million are living without Jesus.

I'll be looking to serve and develop teams of workers throughout the state that want to see their area saturated with the Gospel. Together with those teams we'll seek out "the gaps" where there are significant groups that do not have a Gospel witness. (Such as the 20,000 Muslims that live in Peoria.)

Click here for an update letter with more details.

Even more than usual I would appreciate your prayers for me and my family, as well as Camp of Champions USA during this time.

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