Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Commands of Christ

How do you help a new believer start to follow Jesus?  What do they need to know?

What are those basic commands that all Christians should be following?

Come learn the Commands of Christ for yourself. Even better, you'll be trained in a format that you can easily train to others.

We'll meet Wednesdays at 6-8pm. (Contact me for location!) 

July 11 - Making Disciples
July 18 - Baptism
July 25 - Prayer
August 1 - The Lord's Supper
August 8 - Love
August 15 - Church

Let me know if you are planning on coming. It would be totally fine to jump in and out for a command or two that would be helpful to you.

*Yep, I know I posted this already with different dates. I'm still learning to manage my calendar.  Also, I never shared a Gospel story the previous time!, so here it is:*

A youth pastor and I were hoping to meet students at a local McDonalds. We were planning on asking people how we can pray for them, and then attempt to share the Gospel with them. Sadly, none of the students came... however, we still asked a few people how we could pray for them. The first few people were polite "No, thanks" but then we met Tyler. He was homeless. We prayed, bought him a sandwich, and shared the Gospel. We offered to meet again, but unfortunately have never connected with him since.

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