Thursday, April 26, 2018

Save the Date: Gospel Conversation Training Saturday June 9

In the greater Peoria area there are 250,000+ people living without Jesus in their lives. At least half of them will never set foot in a traditional church. What's it gonna take to bring the Gospel to them?

This one day training will equip and challenge you to share the Gospel and make disciples with everyone in your world.

Learn how to:

  • Naturally take a conversation from "Hello" to the Gospel. 
  • Share the Gospel in a simple and effective way. 
  • Help people take their next steps towards Jesus. 
  • Start a simple discipleship process. 

Saturday June 9, 9am-4pm.

RSVP through Google Calendar (below) or send an email to pheaney2[at]

Other details: 
  • Bring $5 to cover lunch. 
  • Specific location TBD based on how many people register.

A quick Gospel Share story, which I was able to do thanks to training like this!

Karl is one of those guys I see every time I go to the coffee shop. Every. Single. Time. We've gotten to know each other through friendly conversations, even touching on church and religion. I finally was brave enough to say: "I've been wanting to show you something, do you have a couple minutes so I can draw you a picture of what I believe?" He said Yes and I shared the 3 Circles.  It's really that simple.