Friday, March 16, 2018

411 Disciple-making Tool - Monday at 1

What do you do once someone has decided to start following Jesus?

What we usually do in American Christianity is say: "Hey, that's great! Come to church." (And that period that I just typed signifies the end of our early discipleship of a new believer.)

I'm going to be training a great tool to kick-start that disciple-making process of a new believer.

The 411 trains you to train others in 4 basic questions:
Why do we make disciples?
Who do we reach?
What do we say?
When do we do it?

Monday, March 19th at 1pm. I'd love for you to join us! Let me know if you want details.

(If you're interested but Monday doesn't work, let me know and we can schedule another time.)

PS: The 411 also works great for existing believers too.

Each blog post = one Gospel share
Using the 3 Questions over text messages and the 3 Circles in person I was able to share with Earnest. He had some spiritual interest (a "yellow light") and I'll be following up with him again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gospel Sharing Training - March 23

On Friday March 23rd, 6-8pm we're going to hold another Gospel Sharing Training.

If we want to see our area reached with the Good News it starts with the people God has put in our lives. We'll be learning how to start a spiritual conversation, how to share the Good News, and what you do after that.
Other details:
- You're welcome to bring people along. We've got space for about 15 people so let us know who would be coming.
- Eat before you come.
- Kids are welcome, if they've decided to follow Jesus we'd love for them to participate in the training too!

Let me know if you'd like to come and I'll get you more details.

(If you're interested but the day/time doesn't work out let me know that too. We'll hopefully schedule more trainings soon.)

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Earlier this year I shared the Gospel with two different members of my extended family. Sadly, neither of them decided to follow Jesus.

Here was the surprise: We're still friends.

Not only that, we're probably better friends than we were before.

We think that a spiritual conversation or sharing the Gospel will immediately brand us as fanatic and we'll never get to speak to that person again. And while it is true that the Gospel can divide (Jesus said so in Matthew 10:34-36), my experience is that sharing the Gospel as part of a thoughtful conversation doesn't need to lead to a rift, especially with someone who is exploring what they believe.

The good news about this Good News story is it's not finished yet. The next step if someone is spiritually interested but not ready to believe (a yellow light), is to invite them to a Discovery Bible Study to learn more about who Jesus is. 

I'll keep you posted.