Friday, February 2, 2018

Where do you think I am?

Here's one of the most surprising things I've found as I've sought to share the Gospel more:

People are way more open to conversations about spiritual things then we assume.

I've only met Roberto once. He was outside the Christian Center bowling alley. But I struck up a conversation using the Three Questions as a guide.

When I was able to share the Three Circles with him, it actually became a conversation. Not me preaching, but a conversation about the truth of the Gospel.

After we discussed where he saw himself (near to God and seeking to follow him or far from God and in brokenness), he turned the tables and asked "Where do you think I am at?"

I had to be honest that I didn't know, but I invited him to join the Bible study we would be doing.

Who should you start a spiritual conversation with today?

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