Thursday, February 15, 2018

Training Church- Are you in?

We're praying and seeking a team to bring Jesus to the lost in Pekin. Would you be interested in joining us?

We're hoping to find a small team that can commit to a few things for a year:
  • Step back from the normal weekly church commitments (with the blessing of your current church.)
  • Meet twice each week as a team.
    • First: Each week, gather as a church: Bible study, fellowship, communion, training. This would probably be in a home. The point would be to function as a simple church.
    • Second: Each week, go together to engage the lost. We'd choose an area or neighborhood and meet people, start spiritual conversations and share the Gospel.
Are you interested? Reply or comment to let us know. We'd love to talk more in depth about it!

Each blog post = one gospel share: I took advantage of some downtime at COCUSA's Winter Camp to share the Gospel with a camper.

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