Thursday, February 22, 2018

Church Matters

Many of the people I know who are far from God fit into the "used to be near to God" category.  They formerly had a close relationship with God, or at least seemed to, and now they don't.

I was sharing the Gospel with one of them recently. It was sad to hear him admit that he used to believe but now he had fallen "back into brokenness". (We're now doing a Discovery Bible Study. Pray that God's word speaks to him!)

The thought hit me: Community matters. It is important to have people around you that will challenge you, help you, and keep you focused on Jesus.

What do we call a community of people following Jesus together?  We call it a church. It can be big or small, formal or informal, meet in a building or out on a lawn.

Whatever it looks like, church matters.

(For the record, you can also go to a building every Sunday and not be a part of a church. Attendance does not equal community.)

I've probably stepped on enough toes. See you next time.

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