Thursday, January 18, 2018

Show up. (Repeat).

I  have a new evangelism strategy. It's profoundly simple, yet amazingly difficult.

Show up. (Repeat).

So simple, yet so difficult.  Here's what it looked like for me:

Last April God put a group of people on my heart.  They had been outside my office window for years (smoking at a picnic table every Tuesday and Thursday.) But it wasn't until 9 months ago that I opened my eyes to the harvest that was right in front of me.

Walking up to them the first time was amazingly difficult. But I did it. I asked a couple of get to know you questions, and then I asked how I could pray for them.

The next week I walked up to them again. It was easier. I followed up about their prayer requests. I shared the Three Circles Gospel presentation.

The next week I did it again. It became easier and easier to walk across the parking lot, start spiritual conversations and share the Gospel. Something else became more difficult:


There were so many other things I could do besides hang out with a bunch smokers. But I kept at it.  About 4 months in I was about to give up, when Jerry came and found me. He sought me out with spiritual questions. Why did he come to me? Because I repeatedly showed up for one reason: I was there was to pray, start spiritual conversations, and share the Gospel.

I shared the Gospel with Jerry. He understood it but also had more questions. I invited him to start a Discovery Bible Study the next week.

What's going on now?  This picture sums it up:
A group of people learning from God's word about what it means to follow and obey Jesus.

Where do you need to...  Show up. (Repeat). ?

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  1. this is awesome!! love hearing stuff like this. Keep laboring Peter.