Thursday, January 11, 2018

From Discovery Bible Study to Gospel Share

I told you Jim's story earlier. I was able to go to his apartment and lead a Discovery Bible Study with him two times. Both times "his girl" Elizabeth was there. The first time she sat apart from us, but the second time I invited her over to the kitchen table as I reviewed the Three Circles with Jim.

Elizabeth listened to the Gospel. She told me that she believed in what Jesus had done, but wasn't following Him. (This seems to be a fairly common answer.) I told her that I would be coming around again to study the Bible with Jim, and she was welcome to join us to learn more about how to follow Jesus. She seemed interested and I was pumped for my next visit.

...Unfortunately the story fizzles out there. Jim (and his girl) had to move out before the next week. I've exchanged a few text messages since then but haven't been able to connect to restart a Bible study.

Here's what I learned though:
Start with the Gospel
Go to a person to lead a Bible Study (instead of inviting them to you)
Engage others that are there in that Bible Study... with the Gospel

I can't wait to try it again.

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