Monday, December 4, 2017

3 Question Gospel Conversation Guide

This is a video training of a conversation guide that has been super-helpful to me as I seek to initiate Gospel Conversations.  View on Youtube here:

--- Each blog post = One Gospel Share

This is one of several times I've shared the Good News with a group of people that are at the Christian Center bowling alley. They come with the Human Service Center every Tuesday and Thursday. It's been amazing to see God turn a regular visit with them into Discovery Bible Studies (and hopefully more!).

On this specific day I was sharing with Nick. I was explaining that after Jesus died on the cross he rose again and he immediately cut me off: "No he didn't."  He either hadn't heard or couldn't fathom that someone could come back to life. I still see Nick weekly so pray for him to understand the Good News and then turn and believe in Jesus.

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