Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Brutal Facts

The brutal facts are simple to state. There are 250,000 lost people in the tri-county Peoria area.

Two hundred fifty thousand.


A few surprising numbers within that big number:
  • 19,000 Muslims live in Peoria
  • Over 150,000 people (nearly half of the population!) have zero faith, religious adherence, etc.
  • Nationally, 60% of people that say they are Christian would also say they do NOT have a belief in Jesus Christ that leads to eternal life.
Brutal huh?

I think we need to pray more, share Jesus more, and make better disciples.

250,000 people. Odds are you'll be with one of them today. What's your plan then?

(Here's a spreadsheet I put together to compile these numbers.)

Each blog post = One Gospel Share

Coming outside after work one day there were a couple of kids playing basketball at the hoop in the parking lot. Starting a conversation wasn't too hard as the NBA finals had just passed. I've found the "How can I pray for you?" question to be a difficult one for kids to answer, but I eventually got to share the Gospel with the two boys. They didn't necessarily give a response either way.

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