Monday, March 14, 2016

Life is connected, but separate

It's crucial to have systems to help you manage the complicated world we live in today. (A fair amount of notebooks, plus Trello is my current strategy.)  But even if you have the ultimate life-management system down pat, you still need to do a little separating. 

All of life is connected, and we should live all of it for God's glory, but I'm just not sure it's helpful or even possible to keep it all in mind at the same time.

So if you serve at your church, have a specific time that you put your effort into that.  When you get home from work, leave it at your back door and focus on your family.

If this isn't the time for you to be reading blogs or checking email, then you should probably stop.  If this is a good time for you, thanks for reading this one.

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