Wednesday, March 16, 2016


We all have it. 

Some of us have more than others, but each of us has that little bit of extra.

That time, energy and focus you spend on...
  • football
  • house projects
  • TV
  • Facebook
  • Etc.
The list could go on endlessly I think.  The problem, at least for me, is that when one extra wraps up, I tend to find another one.  There were years I gave my extra time, energy and focus to the prospect of moving to a new house. Not a bad thing, my family did need to move.  But once we moved?  I decided to fill in that extra with a dog.  Not a bad thing, but neither was it the best idea I've ever had.

What do you do with your extra?
At some point maybe we could all stop filling our extra with something meaningless and just ... I don't know ... share Jesus with our neighbors and friends.  Crazy right?

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