Sunday, May 10, 2015

The best trainer I know...

That would be my wife.

When my older two kids were learning to ride their bikes, I gave up after one session.  She, in the same amount of time, had them up and running...err cycling.

She's trained our kids to cook.  Literally.  And we still joke about the time that I attempted to have Jackson crack an egg.

She's even better at training our dog.  She's consistent and patient, which I am not.

I think it's because Brittany just goes for it, without the need for either the trainer or trainee to be perfect or polished.  I, however, put all sorts of expectations on the trainee.  ("How can they not get this by now?!")

This post coincides with Mother's Day, because my wife is one great mom.

But the bigger lesson is for those of us who want to train others:
How much do you actually jump in with your trainee and let them do it?
Or do you just tell them a bunch of information and expect them to get it?

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