Thursday, April 9, 2015

When to call it quits

I think everyone organization should start preparing to quit.  Now.  Here's how:

Write a detailed explanation of your main program* or any program and how it's working.
Date this explanation.
At the bottom of the page write, "Is this still working?  If not, quit it or remake it immediately."
Make at least five copies of this letter and stuff them into five envelopes.
Write "Open in 2025, Open in 2035, Open in 2045, etc" on the outside of the five envelopes.
Put these envelopes in a conspicuous place so whoever is at your organization in ten years, twenty years, etc. can follow the advice inside.

Would we see so many ineffective programs and ministries if we followed this plan to quit?

*For churches, you might just write about any program, since the main "program" of the church is followers of Jesus seeking to make disciples... you probably should not quit that.

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