Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What are you getting paid today?

Did you earn it?

It's easy when you're young and getting paid pennies (hopefully not literally but maybe so).  You know that if you put an hour of work in you'll get a set amount.  Or if you mow this sized lawn you'll get paid a specific amount back.

But many of us, specifically in ministry, can lose sight of what we're getting paid today.  We have a salary.  We probably have some benefits.  But we just see that separate from our work as a bi weekly or monthly paycheck.

For a short amount of time it might be separate.  But not if you don't take your work seriously.

So do this: Use your yearly income, plus benefits to figure out your daily pay.
[(Salary + benefits)/52/5 is one way to get you there.]

Whatever that amount is... Will you earn it today?  Could you look your boss/board/congregation in the eye and tell them, "Yes, today I fully earned what you paid me."

Just a thought.

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