Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ways we should be more like Espen

Espen, my third son, turns five today.  Here's a few things we could all learn from him:

Hold a few things close.  Espen's always trucking around with a snuggle animal and a bedtime blanket.  Usually there is a favorite toy of the week included in his arms too.  He doesn't hold everything close, because that is impossible, but a few things are worth holding on to.

Know when to relax.  If we don't have plans to leave the house, Espen is in his pajamas.  And if we come back from somewhere, so long as it's not nice enough to play outside, he's asking if he can change back into his pajamas no matter the time of day.  Sometimes you need to just kick up your feet and relax.

Always greet people joyfully.  I've seen him pick a visiting relative out of a crowd, yell that person's name, and run across the room to give them a hug.  In general, most of us seem ashamed to be excited to see someone.  If we're excited there's nothing wrong with showing it.

Thanks Espen.  Happy Birthday!

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