Thursday, March 12, 2015

Your best fundraiser...

It already happened.

Allow me to share a little story.  I work at Camp of Champions USA.  Throughout the course of a year we strive to raise over $250,000 for the ministry.  One of our biggest fundraisers is a Chili Supper, where we tell stories of God working, feed people a good meal, and ask them to consider a contribution.  It's a pretty good fundraiser (if I may say so myself.)

But we realized something funny at our event this year: A good percentage (30%? 50%?) of our guests come with their check already made out and seal it in our gift envelope before we've even gotten started.  They haven't had a bite to eat or heard one story of God working, yet they have already decided to financially support our work.


I'm guessing because they had already bought into our ministry in the first place.  We had already built their trust and engaged them to the point they were ready to give.  And we did it all before the fundraiser even happened.

Just a thought if you're holding a big shindig to raise money... your best work might have already happened.

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