Monday, March 30, 2015


Too often we throw around the term "fellowship" any time that there is a group of believers together.

We do the math this way:
One follower of Jesus + One follower of Jesus = fellowship.

I don't really think that's the case, especially considering these verses:

Romans 15:26 - For you see, the believers in Macedonia and Achaia have eagerly taken up an offering for the poor among the believers in Jerusalem.
2 Corinthians 8: 4 - They begged us again and again for the privilege of sharing in the gift for the believers in Jerusalem.
Hebrews 13:16 - And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.

In these passages offering, sharing and share are the Greek word that is most often translated fellowship.  Most often, but not always.  Apparently there's an element of fellowship that should include giving.  When's the last time you were giving (yourself, your mental effort, your wealth) in a time you considered fellowship?

Huh... and I thought we just needed to talk about sports and the weather with another Christian to count it.

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