Monday, March 9, 2015

A debt snowball

But not the Dave Ramsey kind.

Let's say that a healthy relationship with your spouse takes 30 minutes of focused time each day.  Sure you'll spend a lot of other time together doing a lot of other things, but to really build that growing and lasting friendship you need 30 minutes of time where you can just focus on each other.

30 minutes a day is 182.5 hours a year.

In ten years that's 1,825 hours of time you've spent focusing on each other, equivalent to 76 twenty-four hour days.

If you've done that your first ten years of marriage, you have an incredible amount of marriage "interest" in the bank to help get you through tough times.

If you haven't, your marriage debt is huge.  An almost insurmountable snowball.  To make it up you'll need to take 3 months off of work and spend all of it just focusing on each other.

Or you could spend 30 minutes today.

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