Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tips for a good marriage

In advance of Valentines Day I'm offering these tips to all the guys out there.

Actually it's just one tip:  (And you don't have to buy anything.)


I'm not sure which screen is your issue, but you probably have one that needs to go.

TV: I'm still surprised how much time people waste watching TV (even people that I often look up to in other areas).  I don't know how you can expect to grow your relationship with your wife when you're spending 2 hours a day watching TV.  If you can't get rid of your TV (because it's built into the foundation of your house or something... I'm not sure why you couldn't) then at least move it out of your bedroom.

Computer: We'll pick on Netflix here, as I've heard more than one person reference getting rid of cable TV to get Netflix.  You might be saving a little money, but you just traded screen time for screen time.  If you truly need a computer, set yourself some hard limits.

Phone: I'm in this category. Just put it down when you're at home.  Leave it somewhere and only check it or grab it if you need to.  (The less data or wifi you use the better.)

There you go, one free easy way to improve your marriage.  Don't believe me?  Try it and see.

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