Thursday, January 15, 2015

Task your goals

The first step is thinking of some general goals for your life.

Second, take those goals and make them SMART.

But finally, you need to create some tasks related to those goals.  Below are how I sought to do that with some of my own goals.  (Again, this is just to provide a picture of how you make and keep good goals.)

Goal: Be more of a spiritual friend than a Christian buddy.
SMART Goal: Once each day, ask someone how I can pray for them, then pray for them then or write it down to pray later.
Task: Add a reminder to my phone, set to go off mid morning so I have time to look and find someone.

Keep this blog going.
SMART: Post twice a week on this blog, scheduling posts for May 15-August 17.
Task: Put this weekly goal down on my morning to-do list.  

Read my Bible daily.
SMART: Read my Bible daily, including Saturdays.
Task: Add a reminder to my phone for Saturday afternoons.

Invite people over for dinner weekly.
SMART: Each Sunday, look a week ahead and invite someone over for dinner.
Task: Add this SMART task to my Sunday tasks, including a list of people to invite over.

Excel in my new role at COCUSA.
SMART: Write down a 15 in 15 SMART list for COCUSA by January 15.
Task: Better add this to my COCUSA task list!

Maybe these seem obvious.  ("Put it on your to-do list" is far from new advice.)  But from what I've noticed this is the biggest step missed when it comes to keeping and excelling at goals.

Or you could just make some New Year's Resolutions and never do anything about them.

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