Monday, January 12, 2015

Review of The Story

I just finished reading The Story to my older kids.  This is essentially the Bible, but edited to have just the storyline, with italicized text added to provide transitions when needed.  We read it during our bedtime routine for about the past year.

It seems funny to review the Bible, so I won't do that.

I will say that overall, The Story provided a decent overview of the Biblical narrative.  I also think it could have been better.  They got most of the stories right, but I often was scratching my head at the parts that they skipped over.  In addition, I stopped reading most of the italicized text because it wasn't very good or helpful.  Whoever wrote it was going more for superlative English that sounded fancy than they were attempting to connect the Bible stories together.

All that said, I would still recommend it if you're unfamiliar with the Biblical story line and want a quick way to get your mind around it.

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