Thursday, January 8, 2015

A SMART 2015

So those 15 goals/ideas for 2015... how are those going?

For me, I finally got around to making them SMART.  I offer them here only to show a little bit of the thought process behind making and setting good goals.

Share the Gospel with 15 people.
SMART: Every time I find myself waiting, pray and look for an opportunity to share the Good News.

Be on my phone less.
SMART: When at home, put my phone down. Do not carry it with me.

Be more of a spiritual friend than a Christian buddy.
SMART: Once each day, ask someone how I can pray for them, then pray for them then or write it down to pray later.

Eat less sugar.
SMART: Eat a max of one polite sugar snack each day.

Keep this blog going.
SMART: Post twice a week on this blog, scheduling posts for May 15-August 17.

Spend daily focused time with each member of my family.
SMART: Spend five minutes of focused time with each of my kids each day.

Listen through the whole Bible.
SMART: Turn on the audio Bible for any car rides longer than 20 minutes.

Read my Bible daily.
SMART: Read my Bible daily, including Saturdays.

Write out more of my prayer requests.
SMART: Write out at least one prayer request per week.

Train our puppy to be a good dog.
SMART: By May, train Lincoln to sit/stay and come. Also housebreaking and feeding!

Invite people over for dinner weekly.
SMART: Each Sunday, look a week ahead and invite someone over for dinner.

Train and disciple people to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus.
SMART: On Monday mornings look through my upcoming meetings and note any questions or challenges I can provide to help people follow Jesus.

Be less worried about the time.
SMART: If I find myself checking the time, set an alarm and don't look at the time until the alarm goes off.

Excel in my new role at COCUSA.
SMART: Write down a 15 in 15 SMART list for COCUSA by January 15.

Finish up a few more big house projects.
SMART: Install six new windows by May.

What's next after these?  Add them to your task list.  We'll cover that next week.

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