Monday, December 1, 2014

The Dip Discussion Questions

The Camp of Champions USA full-time staff just finished reading The Dip by Seth Godin.  It was a good read that helped us talk through when and what we should quit.  (Intrigued?  My original review  is here.)

Here are some discussion questions we used to help us get the most out of our reading.  Hope they help you too!
  • What can we be best in the world at?
  • Based on the page 10 “The Best in the World?”: How would our constituents or customers define us being the best in the world? 
  • From page 13 “Is that the best you can do?”: How might we be tempted to settle for good enough instead of best in the world?  What shortcuts would we be tempted to take?
  • What are we good at and what can we be exceptional at?
  • Discussion of the three curves: Come with an example of each curve.
  • From page 23: "When it comes right down to it, right down to the hard decisions, are you quitting any project that isn't a dip?"
  • What did you think about Brave vs Mature vs Stupid on pg 24?
  • And how does all of this relate to us?
  • Which of the 8 dips on pages 37-39 are relevant to us and how so?
  • Where is it okay for us to be average?
  • What’s your strategy when you’re getting in line at the store?
  • Are there any queues that you personally or we as an organization are jumping between?  
  • “Relentlessly changing tactics, but never quitting the big idea.” Let’s dialogue this.
  • How can we amplify the long-term benefits over the short term pain of the DIP?  For us? For others in our organization?
  • From page 60: “The Noise Inside Your Head”- Thoughts after reading that?
  • Where does pride and humility play a role in all of this? (pg 65)
  • What do we need to “write down” for us? What will we quit under what circumstances?

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