Thursday, December 18, 2014

Just Ask

I haven't posted about fundraising in awhile:

Step 4 in Partner Like Paul is The Ask.

I'm more convinced than ever that "just ask" might be some of the best advice out there, with one caveat: Don't ask just anyone.

But if you ask people you know and love, who know and love you, you will be surprised by the positive response.  I am every time.

And one cool story: I had been asking many of my personal supporters to consider an increase to their monthly giving to me. I was in my office and over heard a phone call where one of my friends/supporters pledged to double their current giving.  In my head I thought: "That's awesome, she must have read the letter I sent her."  Later that day I was going through my bag and found the letter I was going to send to this supporter to ask her about increasing her giving:  I hadn't even sent the letter yet but God was already working in her heart.

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